The Most Annoying Dad

Brace yourselves, kids,I've got bad news,β€”I think I may have coronavirus; 😨,Oh, no… Dad!How are you feeling? Not too bad at the moment,Don't worry,I'm going to confine myself to the study for the next three days,Just as a preliminary precaution;Now, I've done some calculations,And we should have enough supplies to last us for… 1,236 days. … Continue reading The Most Annoying Dad

A Post You Cannot Steal

This is a stolen post,So read it at your peril! Who would steal somebody else's post?What a sociopathic thing to do!Just like how I stole this post,And to the original author, I sayβ€” fuck you!! I love browsing the posts in the aftermath,Once the original author has clocked onto me,I love seeing the fresh mental … Continue reading A Post You Cannot Steal

Where You Gunna Shit?

To all the crowds heading to the beach,Sitting in traffic cos you're starting to miss it,Common-sense and gratitude gone out the window,You know you're just a try-hard for that Darwin award; Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit when you're at the beach? Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit?There's fuck-all open,Nary … Continue reading Where You Gunna Shit?

Cosmological Bluster

Multi-dimensional being,Tell me,What does the Universe look like from without?What mountains of things we cannot imagine,Have you scaled?What worlds of topographies we cannot even picture,Have you explored?What obscure and exotic realms of physics have you come to understand? At which time point? Time point?? You can time-travel? I exist in multiple dimensions of time,Therefore I … Continue reading Cosmological Bluster