Robin’s Request

Ok,Here's what would suit me,I'm going to say it outright,Because it's about timeβ€” A world of rigidity,Does not suit me, Regular hours,And corporate greed,Peak productivity,β€”All for dollars... Working for a paycheck,Aiming for promotion,Working in the abstract,Whilst Twitter I check; No,Thanks; And this is no idle feeling,I am incapable,Of doing those things; I was born into … Continue reading Robin’s Request

Royal Health Awareness

It must've been terrible,Being Prince Harry, It must be awful,Being in the Royal Family; I can all-too-easily imagine,The intensity of his boredom,The frustration at restrictions,The constant badgering; The strain has been showing,In his mental health,For a pretty long time,He was no longer glowing; Was he ever?It's treated him harshly,And I don't even care,About Royal Family … Continue reading Royal Health Awareness

Diffusion Of Responsibility

It's now another thing,Keeping me awake, β€”This problem that we're having,With rubbish-collecting; The bins were full,β€”When we first moved in,And the council didn't seem interested,In emptying; Fine, I said,I'll block the pavement,The bins are already out front,And I was being considerate; This how life works:You don't do a thing,Out of politeness,You get screamed at condescendingly,For … Continue reading Diffusion Of Responsibility

Magnetic Reconnection πŸ’₯

Release of energy,Projection of particles,Auroral substorms,Communication blackouts... β€”That's what happens,When wires are crossed, β€”That's what happens,During magnetic reconnection; A request to remain silent,Amidst a torrent,β€”No more poems,Involving that person, But my feelings cannot be cornered,I've no other outlet,Holding them in,Is bad for all concerned; I thought I'd done,Writing poems today,But then a friendship ended,With an … Continue reading Magnetic Reconnection πŸ’₯

I'm Alright Actually

It's amazing,What the right music can do, I've not been exploring,That much lately, But some reminiscent music,Can do just the trick,There is a lot of power,In the choices we pick... Remind me,That I'm alright actually; I've got my writing,My big heart,Pour it into music,β€”With me, conversing, I've a way of helping...Of endlessly discussing,I'll do me … Continue reading I'm Alright Actually