A Post You Cannot Steal

This is a stolen post,So read it at your peril! Who would steal somebody else's post?What a sociopathic thing to do!Just like how I stole this post,And to the original author, I sayβ€” fuck you!! I love browsing the posts in the aftermath,Once the original author has clocked onto me,I love seeing the fresh mental … Continue reading A Post You Cannot Steal

Where You Gunna Shit?

To all the crowds heading to the beach,Sitting in traffic cos you're starting to miss it,Common-sense and gratitude gone out the window,You know you're just a try-hard for that Darwin award; Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit when you're at the beach? Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit?There's fuck-all open,Nary … Continue reading Where You Gunna Shit?


Coronavirus creeping,Companies caving,Capitalists crying,Countries censoring; Cryptic calls creating chaotic confusion,Clowns, constantly contradicting, Celebrity cameos comprising composted clichΓ©s,Catacombs containing calcified crap; Cacophony, cringe,Comparison, chiding,Coded condescension,Candied colloquialisms, Clocks clicking,Cadavers collecting,C**ts cohorting,Cynics cracking! πŸŒͺ

An Historical Facepalm

Should I be doing my bit?To chart these events during this pandemic? Are we living through an historically-significant periodΒΉ,One which will be thoroughly scrutinised for the everyday truths? Honestly,There's not much there that I'd care to record,For 90% of what goes on is strawman-building,Strawman-burning,Emotion-inducing,Shit-stirring opprobrium,By the media no less; About 9%Β² is the drama of … Continue reading An Historical Facepalm

Murder Obsession

Come on, OCD,We're not doing that too! Yesss we are, NO! We're gunna catch the coronaviruss,From those dirty, little, housemateses, We probably already have!Let's see if we have the antibodies, We don't likes antibodieses...We hatess them! If I kill all of the housemates,That'll solve two problems, Yesss...Stupid housemateses, murder them...We can choke them in their … Continue reading Murder Obsession