Day 825 β€” Stay Alive

Lockdown has become a way of life now,And we live in a totally-revamped culture,Replete with its own traditions,(We all agree not to kill each other on Christmas Day, for example); Society has reshaped itself,At great cost in lives,We can no longer support the prosperity,And the size of population which we once had; Even the currency … Continue reading Day 825 β€” Stay Alive

The Most Annoying Dad

Brace yourselves, kids,I've got bad news,β€”I think I may have coronavirus; 😨,Oh, no… Dad!How are you feeling? Not too bad at the moment,Don't worry,I'm going to confine myself to the study for the next three days,Just as a preliminary precaution;Now, I've done some calculations,And we should have enough supplies to last us for… 1,236 days. … Continue reading The Most Annoying Dad


Coronavirus creeping,Companies caving,Capitalists crying,Countries censoring; Cryptic calls creating chaotic confusion,Clowns, constantly contradicting, Celebrity cameos comprising composted clichΓ©s,Catacombs containing calcified crap; Cacophony, cringe,Comparison, chiding,Coded condescension,Candied colloquialisms, Clocks clicking,Cadavers collecting,C**ts cohorting,Cynics cracking! πŸŒͺ

New World Currency Conversions

Spare change β€” hand sanitiser,Fiver β€” sheet of own-brand value toilet paper (Morrisons Saver, Asda Smart Price...),Darwin β€” sheet of own-brand standard toilet paper,Pony β€” sheet of Andrex,Bullseye β€” sheet of scented toilet paper,Ton β€” wet wipe,Monkey β€” fresh roll of Ponies,Grand β€” box of tissues,Jackpot β€” unopened pack of wet wipes. πŸŒͺ