Robin’s Request

Ok,Here's what would suit me,I'm going to say it outright,Because it's about timeβ€” A world of rigidity,Does not suit me, Regular hours,And corporate greed,Peak productivity,β€”All for dollars... Working for a paycheck,Aiming for promotion,Working in the abstract,Whilst Twitter I check; No,Thanks; And this is no idle feeling,I am incapable,Of doing those things; I was born into … Continue reading Robin’s Request

Royal Health Awareness

It must've been terrible,Being Prince Harry, It must be awful,Being in the Royal Family; I can all-too-easily imagine,The intensity of his boredom,The frustration at restrictions,The constant badgering; The strain has been showing,In his mental health,For a pretty long time,He was no longer glowing; Was he ever?It's treated him harshly,And I don't even care,About Royal Family … Continue reading Royal Health Awareness

Holy Vegetables

For increased mood,I cannot recommend it enoughβ€” Eat vegetables,Lots of vegetables,Keep eating vegetables! Make carrot and onion soup,Make potato and leek soup,Make potato, carrot and onion soup,Then make a mushroom soup; Make satay sweet potato curry,And mix in a bag of spinach,Make vegan chickpea curry,And serve it on jacket potato; Buy a big bunch of … Continue reading Holy Vegetables

Car Life

I find my thoughts returning,Sometimes,To that long, eventful journey,–– Those seven months of car life,Of 2019; I’ve mentioned it a few times,But it’s only right––It really defined the year,And birthed some of my ideas; I find it sad how,When OCD swallows me whole,Or lost in rumination...–– I can still manage to lose,Even now,All feeling of … Continue reading Car Life

The Night Before Dhanakosa

It’s coming up to the anniversary,Of January 18th,2019, β€” The wintry night when I drove to Dhanakosa,For the meditation retreat; This was in the midst...Of my period of peak trauma,Trying to make a fresh start,Whilst returning back to Edinburgh; Two weeks before this––I’d booked the retreat,Just moments before,Everything fell apart; The plan––Drive up to Edinburgh,Stay … Continue reading The Night Before Dhanakosa