Magnetic Reconnection πŸ’₯

Release of energy,Projection of particles,Auroral substorms,Communication blackouts... β€”That's what happens,When wires are crossed, β€”That's what happens,During magnetic reconnection; A request to remain silent,Amidst a torrent,β€”No more poems,Involving that person, But my feelings cannot be cornered,I've no other outlet,Holding them in,Is bad for all concerned; I thought I'd done,Writing poems today,But then a friendship ended,With an … Continue reading Magnetic Reconnection πŸ’₯

I'm Alright Actually

It's amazing,What the right music can do, I've not been exploring,That much lately, But some reminiscent music,Can do just the trick,There is a lot of power,In the choices we pick... Remind me,That I'm alright actually; I've got my writing,My big heart,Pour it into music,β€”With me, conversing, I've a way of helping...Of endlessly discussing,I'll do me … Continue reading I'm Alright Actually

Make Better Decisions

I need to make more friends,And further...To make them all at once, Because one problem I've had,Having so few,Is of being too needy,β€”Of that I was well aware; You see,Often I over-worry,About what other people feel,Or infer too much about situations,β€”That has been confirmed, Yet,If I tell myself not to over-worry,I still get it wrong,β€”Those … Continue reading Make Better Decisions