I Will Overcome It The Bastard

Whyyy do I keep doing this,When my plan goes wrong at the start of the day,I went to sleep early but didn't expect to sleep that long,But I'd had to miss sleep the night before,So I could start getting up early again, Constantly correcting,Constantly adjusting,Rarely happy because of the constant changes,It's so frustrating; Just can't … Continue reading I Will Overcome It The Bastard

George Floyd

Oh US police,What have you done? Nobody's going to forget that in a hurry,Not with video evidence, as clear as can be, In broad daylight,In front of witnesses; Every incident was one too far,But, I wish,That George Floyd could see what this has sparked,And will spark,Because nobody's going to let this drop,And his is going … Continue reading George Floyd

Self-Love Comes To The Fore

Self-love comes to the fore,Now that I'm out of that one hole, at least, I'm out of the deep, dark emotional hole of that place,Where I was emotionally-insulated from the outside world,With its indifferent and stubborn walls; Indifferent, stubborn, insensitive, judging,From that (manipulative) mess I have arisen,It was a slow-motion disaster in the making,But it … Continue reading Self-Love Comes To The Fore

The Most Annoying Dad

Brace yourselves, kids,I've got bad news,β€”I think I may have coronavirus; 😨,Oh, no… Dad!How are you feeling? Not too bad at the moment,Don't worry,I'm going to confine myself to the study for the next three days,Just as a preliminary precaution;Now, I've done some calculations,And we should have enough supplies to last us for… 1,236 days. … Continue reading The Most Annoying Dad

A Deathly Rush Of Noise

The death bell has fucking tolled for you,Satan's breath itself rushes down your street, Exploding your bones from the inside out,Your heart is his and your soul is no longer, Ripped out,And torn asunder ha ha! That's the ultimate price you pay, you fucker,For not putting the earplugs in and headphones on earlier. USGS photo … Continue reading A Deathly Rush Of Noise

Fighting For My Mobility

Free!It feels like I've finished my homework,And I'm nothing if not persistent; These last 10 days,I finally freed myself from the guilt,Indecision and lack of momentum,Towards things like cleaning my car or fixing my scooter, The job had become intimidating,Besides the anxiety factors,But what really freed me up,Was taking pleasure in taking a bite out … Continue reading Fighting For My Mobility

Antipodal Curiosities

New Zealand is at the antipode of England,Portobello, Otago is the antipode of London, New Zealand's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic,Is equally the antipode of the UK's, And,New Zealand's leader appears to be the antipode of the UK's leader. Damn! How did we get here?Plate tectonics,But also I believe that it's byΒΉ voting for a … Continue reading Antipodal Curiosities

My Conversational Multi-Ego

My ego has multiple personalities!It's not just one egoβ€”For I actually develop an ego and a perfectionism,Over ignoring the ego, β€”If it was just one ego,It would only be upset about it,Wouldn't it? …We're listening to the ego again 😏; Oh, rightβ€” yeah. 🀐 Multiple-personality ego…Or multi-ego personality? πŸ€”SHUT UP! πŸŒͺ