Self-Love Comes To The Fore

Self-love comes to the fore,Now that I'm out of that one hole, at least, I'm out of the deep, dark emotional hole of that place,Where I was emotionally-insulated from the outside world,With its indifferent and stubborn walls; Indifferent, stubborn, insensitive, judging,From that (manipulative) mess I have arisen,It was a slow-motion disaster in the making,But it … Continue reading Self-Love Comes To The Fore

The Overheating Of This Complex Person

I've accidentally left the radiator on,Without realising,So that once I came out of the shower,Instead of cooling down, as I expected to,I continued to sweat, and sweat,(The heating comes on at 8pm, here!) Now everything's off, window and curtains are open,Fan is on, for maximum circulation; Not at all noteworthy, but it brings to mind,One … Continue reading The Overheating Of This Complex Person

Trauma And Doubts

It takes a long time to recover from trauma,Even without additional obstacles, Your path to reach a good point,Cannot be judged; It is a marathon in the making,Which utterly dwarfs that London one, But the high points, later on,Will make it all worth it. Unless you die of physical illness first,That's always the worry;But nevermind! … Continue reading Trauma And Doubts

Freefall From Chaos

There's a metaphor there,In Baumgartner's jump from space... In the way that it begins in darkness,A vacuum and a void,Big blue Earth below,Which you are no longer a part of; Then a decision is made,Fuck it, I'm coming home; Freefall begins,Spectacular acceleration ensues,Falling, tumbling, spinning out of control,It's no longer a laughing matter, Feeling like … Continue reading Freefall From Chaos

What Actually Happened Was

What actually happened, was,I was fixing the bath (the side-panel had come off),And then I did some cleaning; But my housemate had heard,The noise in the bathroom,Come down to investigate,And thought I was going crazy (cleaning at 5am), I told her I was cleaning,Because the mess was getting to me,She still looked at me like … Continue reading What Actually Happened Was