Making Sense

I'm going over it,In my mind,I'm trying to make sense,Of what's gone on... We got to know each other,Firstly as friends,Came over for dinner,We had a nice evening, Stayed the night,It was cosy indeed,Good conversation,Everything was right; Another day,Spent together,More of the same,It was getting happier; And then the revelation,β€”The ex is not past,Apologies were … Continue reading Making Sense

Magnetic Reconnection πŸ’₯

Release of energy,Projection of particles,Auroral substorms,Communication blackouts... β€”That's what happens,When wires are crossed, β€”That's what happens,During magnetic reconnection; A request to remain silent,Amidst a torrent,β€”No more poems,Involving that person, But my feelings cannot be cornered,I've no other outlet,Holding them in,Is bad for all concerned; I thought I'd done,Writing poems today,But then a friendship ended,With an … Continue reading Magnetic Reconnection πŸ’₯

What Just Happened

Whilst hiding in my room,From my screaming housemate and his hoodlums,My other housemate was screaming,For a different reason... And she came into the kitchen,Crying and in pieces,With a bruise to show,–– her boyfriend had hit her; With a past of abusive partners,And after a long hiatus,She’d finally allowed herself to try,–– For this guy’s alright; … Continue reading What Just Happened

Her Words Echo

Her words sometimes echo round my head––The kind lady of psychology,In the Cornish A&E, β€œYou’ve done a lot, in your life,I don’t think,That you can feel bad about that”; I tried hard, to correct her,”But, most of that was before 2012,Since then,Life’s really slowed down––Especially the last two years”; It was hard to let go … Continue reading Her Words Echo

Wine On The Walls

In the hallway, with my dad,He's failing to understand me, He's riling me up,The pressure's building up––Glass of red wine,All over me, And the white walls,And ceiling; Oh dear,Especially because––My Mum probably has OCD,Especially house OCD; And my brother walked out,From the living room...Oh no––He'll assume it was me; "**** threw that wine all over … Continue reading Wine On The Walls

Christmas Tribulations

On the wall back home,Is one of those 'family values' boards––"We do",Then a bunch of stylised words,Representing its values; Gifted one year,By my brother at Christmas,My thoughts were always drawn,To one in particular–– "Second chances", I don't need to say,Who that's referring to,And the implicit assumption,Always made me feel ugly; Another Christmas gift,From the same … Continue reading Christmas Tribulations

More Trauma

The mistake that my family members still make,Is thinking that this is a process of forgiving me,Forgiving me for my perceived sins; It's taken me long enough,To recover myself,From the damage done,To my self-perception; Firstly, when I left home,To shed the old perceptions,And grow into the person I was supposed to be, Then, last year,To … Continue reading More Trauma