Anxious Consequences

Sorry if it seems like I've been ignoring people,I haven't,I will catch up with everybody eventually,I just haven't had a good period of time being relaxed enough; I thought I would now, after dinner,But it's been awkward getting that done,Since the most intimidating housemate is in the kitchen, β€”That's a consequence of having done everything … Continue reading Anxious Consequences

No Way JosΓ©

There it is again…A knock-knock-knocking,At the window in the night,A shadow through the curtain,In the fading twilight… Ear plugs removed, for just a brief moment,Headphones displaced,…Then lo and behold,I perceived this new torment; Alas,This is no sleep paralysis demon,No monster of the night,No serial killer stalking the neighbourhood, But a demented housemate locked out once … Continue reading No Way JosΓ©

Returning Again And Again

I continue to find safety and refuge in my writing,And right when it's feeling at its most indirected and purposeless,It finds its cozy use again; Right when I am turning most inward,And dwelling again on the on-going struggles,Returning to repetitive compulsions,And the headaches and isolation which that causes, That's when writing and creativity are a … Continue reading Returning Again And Again

Unease And Terror

Deathly drums beat it out into the darkness,The pitch-black darkness of the corners of my mind,Wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith,Wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith... Cooking a curry in the dead of night,Detecting a slight movement, in the corner of my eye, Did the door, it did, it's opened … Continue reading Unease And Terror

It All Continues To Weigh On Me

Ahhh,Come back to it, Come back to the peaceful life,And shed all of these internal stresses; Dealing each day with the sources of stress,Communicating it all to the council officer,Repetition, repetition, repitition, Repeating it all again to a friend,Repeating it all to the council officer again, Trying to maintain in their awareness,The long list of … Continue reading It All Continues To Weigh On Me

Dark Energies

It's time to write something dark,To relinquish those difficult feelings, From inhabiting an oppressive atmosphere,That is episodically turbulent; It's a fight to retain buoyancy,Whilst crossing alien waters,Dark, and strangely coloured,Made up of novel molecules, I may yet find an island,Away from all those worries,But ending the story, in peace and calm,Was not my original objective! … Continue reading Dark Energies

It’s Not All On Me

The cause of so many tragic scenarios in my life,β€”When a person pushes me, and pushes me, and pushes,And keeps pushing,Beyond which I can prevent a reaction to, To the point where even though I could prevent a reaction,By hanging up the phone, for example,They've pushed me to the point where I don't want to,Before … Continue reading It’s Not All On Me