New Telescope Curse Revisited (With Evidence)

Just so nobody's in any doubt at allβ€”The 'new telescope curse' is real,(Extreme polaric weather variations triggered by buying and receiving something, with great anticipation, which allows you to finally do an outdoor activity,For which good weather is required or which is vastly enhanced by good weather); Spot the difference: It's in French but never … Continue reading New Telescope Curse Revisited (With Evidence)

Daily Recommendations/Requirements

5 or more fruits or vegetables per day,1-2g of protein per kg of body mass per day,No more than 6g of salt per day,At least 30 minutes of brisk exercise per day, No less than 1 outrageous and unreasonable act of authoritarian aggression towards protestors per day, To keep the internal fires stoked. πŸ™ƒ πŸŒͺ

It Cannot Change Me

However people may treat me,Or assume me to be,Can not, and will not,Affect my values; I know who I am,And I know my values,I will always live by them,I would die before I abandoned them. Where my values are vehemently in other peoples' best interestsβ€”Of honesty,Integrity,Treating other people equal to myself and to each other,Helping … Continue reading It Cannot Change Me

Day 825 β€” Stay Alive

Lockdown has become a way of life now,And we live in a totally-revamped culture,Replete with its own traditions,(We all agree not to kill each other on Christmas Day, for example); Society has reshaped itself,At great cost in lives,We can no longer support the prosperity,And the size of population which we once had; Even the currency … Continue reading Day 825 β€” Stay Alive

Momentum For Change

I still can't breathe,I still can't breathe,And I won't breathe,Until the weight has been lifted, Not just for George Floyd,Or for other black Americans,But for all victims of authority and injustice,Of which there are too many, It is always there,And I feel terrible for each example; Yes, some hit closer to home than others,But the … Continue reading Momentum For Change

Lifelong Struggles

A life full of people telling me I have so much potential,Yet never actually having the stability and conditions I need to do that, Through injury,Environment issues,Or mental health problems,Where the mental health problems are a result of: Genetics,Injury,Environment issues,Lack of stability,Lack of feeling fulfiled, All the while with plenty of ideas for things which … Continue reading Lifelong Struggles