The Absolute Void

It is very disconcerting,
To wake up screaming,
Screaming out at the very top of your lungs,

When you remember,
That you were screaming for a while in that dream,

β€”Was I screaming out loud that whole time?

The subject of the dream,
Always the same,
A voice unheard,
By those close to me,

A voice in immense pain,
At the limit of endurance,
Yet a voice which knows,
It is only being resented.


15 thoughts on “The Absolute Void

  1. It is unsettling if:
    Being who you are is not enough
    The truth does not matter and fall on deaf ears
    I pray that your identify is strong in God given wisdom and beauty and the truth sets you free.

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    1. I was doing so badly for a while I was nowhere near able to be myself, there was no connection to myself in what I could achieve in the day. But then I was improving with medication, meditation and therapy.

      “The truth does not matter and fall on deaf ears”
      This was also the case, even as I made progress. The progress was denied.

      I’ve been regaining my identity in the last 6 months :).


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