Ohhhhh noooo!!
You’re not doing what’s socially expected!

Ohhhhh noooo!!
You’re doing it all wrong!!

Ohhhhh noooo!!
You need to improve your behaviour young man,

Ohhhhh noooo!!
I must be the most boring person alive.

#sigh #neurotypicals


9 thoughts on “Unacceptable.

      1. What an interesting comment. Of course, ultimately the royal family is just a family like any other extended family, with its loyalties and frictions. However, I am very grateful that I will never be criticised by the media for putting my hands in my pockets or other ridiculously trivial things. I am so glad that I am and always will be just a citizen. Of course, it is also a privilege to be a citizen and not a stateless, displaced person. Anyway, I’m glad the queen has let Harry and Meghan become private people. Are you?


    1. I just found your comment again with the question about the royal family!

      I totally agree that I’m grateful not to be in the royal family, haha. Being any famous person and especially in the royal family where you’ve done nothing yourself to generate all the attention, must be a nightmare.

      I have no opinion on what Harry/Meghan should be doing to be honest! The ‘problem’ is only what the others are creating. I really relate to Harry in terms of doing things my own way and thinking creatively, and it’s incredibly easy to understand where he’s coming from. There’s no possible basis for arguing against what he’s doing!


    2. Sorry, your question was slightly different to what I was thinking! Basically yes–– happy she’s ‘letting’ them do what they want, though I really don’t think it needed her approval, haha. They showed that by announcing it publicly first :D.


    1. Haha! I’m so glad it helped you :). I started getting ridiculous OCD-like thoughts like β€œohh noo my blog is going downhill, it’s descending into cheap humour” lol.

      Sorry you didn’t sleep welll

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