Her Words Echo

Her words sometimes echo round my head––
The kind lady of psychology,
In the Cornish A&E,

β€œYou’ve done a lot, in your life,
I don’t think,
That you can feel bad about that”;

I tried hard, to correct her,
”But, most of that was before 2012,
Since then,
Life’s really slowed down––
Especially the last two years”;

It was hard to let go the rumination,
Of how long I’d felt,
So limited, in exploration,

Not only that I wasn’t mountains climbing,
(Literal ones),
–– But neither, songs,
Was I singing;

I’d got used to a fast-paced life,
Before being drowned in strife,
All I could do, was try…
My best to survive;

But now, I see,
Looking back,
That she was right all along,
–– It was a damn lot,
And it felt bl**dy long πŸ˜….


10 thoughts on “Her Words Echo

  1. Hi Robin, I was almost ready for bed, it’s going on to 1 am here.
    I gather you are just getting up.
    I saw your poem just as I was shutting down my laptop and had to respond.
    I really like this poem!
    Your poems matter and say so much about life and I am sure the touch many people who read them.
    Well, off to bed I go.
    Good night from me and good morning to you. πŸ™‚

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  2. Lovely and reflective. It can be hard to adjust to a change in the pace of life, especially when you are young. I look back on all the walking and traveling I did with joy but it has taken me a long time to accept that now I am in my fifties life is much gentler and less dynamic. But I am finally settling into it.

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    1. Yes. That’s great that you’re finding peace :).

      To be honest, I had already reached peace with everything a few years ago, with music helping with a lot of it, but all these other problems made it much harder to retain that peace and not feel bitter again especially as I could no longer do the music for quite a while, during that period when I was too stressed and without privacy, or without instruments. Piano’s going a long way now :), as well as writing.

      Thanks for sharing your experience and relating.

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      1. It is wonderful how you are building a life around poetry, writing and music. It is hard to imagine a better kind of life. I used to be a teacher but now I love being a parent and a homemaker. I don’t earn a penny, and that makes me a failure in the eyes of some people, but I have never been happier. I hope you find that the bitterness completely passes eventually, through your creativity, but I know nothing can be rushed and it is better to gradually clear things than to adopt a false, ‘positive’ mindset. Where deep wounds exist, they take a long time to heal. I am not knocking positivity. There is a lot to be said for it, but it is not a substitute for real feeling. I hope you are having a lovely piano playing kind of day. πŸ˜ƒπŸŒΈ


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