Coming at you

I’m coming at you life,

Let’s see if we can do this right.

Focused eyes, clear head,

Now it’s time to get ahead.

I will try to write this one,

Without undue frustration,

Without unnecessary pause,

And repeated re-truncation.

I may hear some sound which displeases me,

If you ask me why i’d have no idea why,

Or feel some touch upon one limb,

Just as I tried to frame something.

My mind is overly alert,

This has been my permanent quirk,

Borne of trial and limitation,

Terror and frustration.

So yes I am fully aware,

That I’ve unnecessarily gone spare,

But I am just laying perfectly bare,

That my mind struggles to be anywhere.

My eyes may be tired,

And I may feel haggard,

I struggle to forgive myself,

For this damage to myself.

But what is this damage?

Don’t be such a cabbage,

For my wit remains intact,

My values too, that’s a fact.

I am still the same person,

With wrinkles of extra wisdom,

My cheeks will yet turn crimson,

My pride will have arisen.

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