Nae Spring

And so we've gone, once again,Straight from mid-winter into mid-summer, Only one week ago,The car windows were iced, Now everything's blooming,And it's t-shirt weather; This strange annual weather,Of Southern England...Whilst up there in Scotland,The seasons go like this: Shite,Shite,Summer,Shite, And I know where I'd rather be,(Scotland). First day of my Scottish road trip, start of … Continue reading Nae Spring

End Of Lockdown

We've been in lockdown, for almost a year nowβ€”We thought we had it bad,But then the government supplies stopped, We tried to help our neighbours out,Whilst there were still seeds of cooperation,But ultimately the pockets of desperation,Unfortunately won out; There's not much to live for in these days,The cost of survival, is simply too great, … Continue reading End Of Lockdown


After self-inflicted pain and torment,Is possible a rebirth, It's always possible,To stop looking back and to move forwards, And in doing so,In truly moving onwards positively again,You connect with your fundamental self,Connect with your deep-seated, but hidden self-compassion, It's always possible,And it's always worth it,And it's just such a relief,To leave that torment behind! After … Continue reading Rebirth

You’re A Strange Man

You, sir,Are a very strange man, Housemate who dirties the bathroom,You got mugged last night,Gave a statement to police,And then you said goodnight; Today,You are blissfully unpeturbed,Un-needing of any kind of moral support,Just carrying on as normal; And I'm just trying to clean up after dinner,So I can sit down to do some proper writing, … Continue reading You’re A Strange Man

Mobile Chicanes

And now I know why,I get up at midnight,For even when I can stand,To be around housemates, It's when I go quickly in,Into the kitchen,To do a delicate thing,Requiring concentration; That's when they all come swarming in,Instantaneously and babblingly,Boom, boom, babble babble,Standing right in front of all of the cupboards, Nah mate,That's just not worth … Continue reading Mobile Chicanes