Roads Of Metallic Grey

Bigger,Darker,With ever-brighter lights, Bigger,Darker,Optimally-aggressive presence, Couple that,With no patience,A second Sun rising on every speed bump,Or,A DARPA ground-to-space laser defense system, And,Trigger-happy on the horn,At every slightest perceived grievance, And that's,The growing trends on the roads today! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Spread colour,Wherever you can! πŸ₯³And leave the learner drivers alone. πŸŒͺ

Gold-Standard Virtue

The gold standard,Capitalism, Everything must grow,Everything must expand,More customers,More views,More money,An inspirational success, A gold-standard virtue, Unquestioned,It just is,Bred deeply into the minds of everybody,Unquestioned,It just is,A fundamental assumption,Unquestioned,It is,Economic success,Unquestioned,Unlimited,Unsustainable,Pure, unbridled,Gold-standard virtue,To be,Forever growing,Without stopping,The runaway capitalistic train! πŸŒͺ

Result Of The Autism Assessment

I finally had the video call on Monday,After completing the seventeen-page questionnaire… That questionnaire was never-ending,And I had a lot to say,With no problem with writing… πŸ˜‰; Writing is one of my crazy strengths,Contrasting with more basic things which I can struggle with;This kind of 'spiky skill profile',Can be characteristic of autism, And the psychiatrist … Continue reading Result Of The Autism Assessment

Old Man Quantum

I've been universing for 13.8 billion years…So don't you give me any of that shit,I know what I'm talking about! I may currently just be a collection of carbon molecules,Themselves made up of atoms,Sub-atomic particles,Sub-sub-atomic particles,All strung together with light,And other bosons, But I know a degenerate Bose-Einsteinian foolΒΉ when I see one! ΒΉ 'Einsteinian … Continue reading Old Man Quantum

Trauma Stories

A bit here,A bit there,No one person,Knows all of my trauma stories; Glimpses here,Glimpses there,A psychiatrist reacts with horror to just one of those stories,A psychologist is saddened by another of them,They are all impressed with my survivability,And shocked at the lack of insight into my struggles for so long; But there's no time,To explore … Continue reading Trauma Stories

Air Crash Investigation Classics

The plane was shaking violently,And when I looked out of the window,I could see that we were coming in way too fast; The actual touchdown wasn't too hard,It just felt like a hard landing,We bounced a little,β€”Nothing to worry about; The plane started slowing,Everybody started clapping,We were all so relieved…To be home and dry,I even … Continue reading Air Crash Investigation Classics

Fucking Tesseracts!

Always getting in the way,Coming into our dimension,Thinking they know everything; They look down upon us,β€”Us spheroids,Cuboids,Squares,Lines and dots; They just pop in and out of existence like they own it,As they move above and below our plane of existence,Ignoring our rules,Ignoring our boundaries, Fuck…We can build a wall to keep out all three-dimensionals and … Continue reading Fucking Tesseracts!

Criminally-Offensive Sounds

Your condition, please? Iβ€” uhh…I've been diagnosed with slocking, Your ticket number is 23671,Please take a hood and noose and join the line on the left,Sir… Okay,Thank you; Hey… uhh,Excuse meβ€”Am I in the correct line? Heya, buddy,Let's see your certificateβ€”I see…Unfortunately, yes,You're in the correct line,β€”Good luck, man! 'Unfortunately'?'Good luck'?What… Bro… TICKET NUMBER 23671,PLEASE … Continue reading Criminally-Offensive Sounds