OCD Competition

If your OCD is weirder than mine,I'll give you a medal, I've just been sitting here,For 40 minutes,Trying to explain to myself,Why I sent 2 too many messages, Quickly updating somebody,Who helped me today,Typing away on the keyboard,Too-long fingernails getting in the way, That new anxiety, distracting,Took away my focus,Reduced my inhibition, And what was … Continue reading OCD Competition

OCD and Comparison

One more thought,Quickly, One little ritual,I'm often struggling with,Is comparing this mental state,To that, Checking,That when I do this,This mental habit,Is it really having that effect? If I am even thinking that,Then yes it is,As well as that background anxious state,Which is part of the cause, These repetitive thoughts,And odd behaviours,Are absolutely having that effect, … Continue reading OCD and Comparison

A Message From a Homeless Man

I met a homeless man,On Friday,At the hospital, A homeless man using a wheelchair,He was using the lobby for shelter,And I'm glad they let him stay there, He could tell from my piano-playing,That I was hurting,That I was in need of reconnection,Reconnection to myself, And I don't doubt him,Because I know what he means,He understood … Continue reading A Message From a Homeless Man