Robin’s Request

Ok,Here's what would suit me,I'm going to say it outright,Because it's about timeβ€” A world of rigidity,Does not suit me, Regular hours,And corporate greed,Peak productivity,β€”All for dollars... Working for a paycheck,Aiming for promotion,Working in the abstract,Whilst Twitter I check; No,Thanks; And this is no idle feeling,I am incapable,Of doing those things; I was born into … Continue reading Robin’s Request

Royal Health Awareness

It must've been terrible,Being Prince Harry, It must be awful,Being in the Royal Family; I can all-too-easily imagine,The intensity of his boredom,The frustration at restrictions,The constant badgering; The strain has been showing,In his mental health,For a pretty long time,He was no longer glowing; Was he ever?It's treated him harshly,And I don't even care,About Royal Family … Continue reading Royal Health Awareness

Cosmic Sensations

I'm going out of my mind,And I've been doing just fine... Gotta gotta be sounds,Before I do it all... No, seriously,I remain in ambiguity,About this sensitivity,Mixed with OCD; Which is the primary factor,In this combination?Is it an abomination,Or just startle factor? I am easily startled,In some situations... In my ground-floor room,With curtains open,If anything goes … Continue reading Cosmic Sensations

Diffusion Of Responsibility

It's now another thing,Keeping me awake, β€”This problem that we're having,With rubbish-collecting; The bins were full,β€”When we first moved in,And the council didn't seem interested,In emptying; Fine, I said,I'll block the pavement,The bins are already out front,And I was being considerate; This how life works:You don't do a thing,Out of politeness,You get screamed at condescendingly,For … Continue reading Diffusion Of Responsibility

Losing Signal

Lying on my bed,For a telephone call, β€”I became that guy,Who thought he was a know-it-all 😏; He'd stayed awake,The entire night...Easy enough,When he was up at six pm! For me, it's the only way,To reset the sleep cycle,I know it works for me,Despite accepted principles; β€”Begin the day,At the desired time,Do everything the same,As … Continue reading Losing Signal

Making Sense

I'm going over it,In my mind,I'm trying to make sense,Of what's gone on... We got to know each other,Firstly as friends,Came over for dinner,We had a nice evening, Stayed the night,It was cosy indeed,Good conversation,Everything was right; Another day,Spent together,More of the same,It was getting happier; And then the revelation,β€”The ex is not past,Apologies were … Continue reading Making Sense